Do The Dead Eat?

Above is an image of a death anniversary, where departed family members are invited back to enjoy their favorite meals. It's an annual oddity to honor the lives and achievements of the dearly departed. As a kid observing, I always wondered if the spirits thought: "This soup tastes like shit. Why can't they ever get... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Dish American?

There was an old episode of Pioneer Woman running on the FoodNetwork where Ree Drummond makes spicy "Asian" hot wings and presents her dish to a group of doubtful male friends. Their reaction? Well, not the greatest. And I don't blame them- Ree offered what looked like burned wings in a splattered pyrex tray. One... Continue Reading →


Believe in providence? I do. Each meal that arrives before you was meant for your consumption. But how did it arrive? What was its history? Who helped nurture the ingredients? Who delivered them from far off distances to the doorstep of your favorite restaurant?   No doubt that food shortages will be a part of... Continue Reading →

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